Twin Flame Energy Update

Many Twin Flames should be feeling a lot of shifts happening at this time.  Hold on tight for these changes coming in they are not easy by any means.

Anxieties may be higher than normal as well as anger and frustration twords your twin. If you are feeling that overwhelming need to cry or scream or whatever emotion do not hold back. In holding back you could potentially prolong your union. Allow the purge as it is needing to be released in order to move forward and not hold back any emotions any longer.

Communication with your twin if you can is very important at this time. Regardless of what is happening within your dynamic. If you are having any issues what so ever talking it out is very important almost a key component really. Old ways and old patterns are no longer going to work or help going forward. Allowing these old ways to collapse out is imperative with these shifts as well as very important for the twin union.

The masculine are feeling the feminine shifting for their highest good, and this is creating fear in the Masculine as they see the change within her, and no longer see the old side of her. He may be noticing the detached feelings from her as she is now standing fulling in her own power and does not need him to feel whole. This is a big step for the feminine and will create major shifting in this dynamic.

The masculine energies are about to have a major shift in the next few days and weeks. This may already be happening for some now. He may be out of reach for a bit of time, but know this is not bad its good! This means he is healing and upgrading himself and allowing these energies to assist him within as the Feminine have also had to do. I am being told now that these are very important upgrades for all of us, and we may be an emotional roller coaster, but in the end we will find the very union we have all worked so hard for.

I will be sure to update as I get more updates myself.

Much Love & Blessings to all,

Lillies Forest of Healing




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