Twin Flames Union

I am guided to write this update for all whom are in the twin flame dynamic. Most are finding them selves in the beginning stages of their union, and are having some shifts and changes that seem to be good and not so nice feelings.

Many of you may be noticing your twin being more online or open with you and now seeing this dynamic for what it truly is. Some are coming forward very fast and then backing off repeatedly. This is very normal they are starting to see, and understand more so baby steps here. It is important to stay neutral and not push them forward with to much information or back away from them when you are upset. Communication is important and will help you both to understand each other.  This can be a little tricky as the waiting for this to happen has been very trying on all. So work this the best way you can and feel guided to. Be more open and vulnerable as much as is called for you do not want to go over board now going to far with this can push them back into fear mode so neutral ground always.

For those who are questioning if this person is their twin or if you are on the right path with whom you believe is your twin. We are having a lot of mind games happening within self. We still have to work out all the bumps in the road if you will with in union. A lot of negative energies are trying to come in and attack us to prevent these unions as I’m sure a lot of you already know. This is happening mentally, emotionally, and in dream states. Keep yourself grounded and protected at all times. I want to make you all aware of this as it is not only happening to you but to all as a collective, and we all want union so I will assist as much as I can. We all still have work to do with in self to drop away our old ways and come into the new. This is something I work on daily with the energies that come in.

The key here is to stay with the full knowing of your union and moving away from all else. Stay with in the heart space at all times. If you find yourself falling out or questioning meditate or go deep with in self to get back to your full knowing and unconditional love for your twin. This is not going to be easy for many of us with this other stuff coming in at us, but we now have to push through this and stay with in knowing and our heart space. Call upon your team of guides and angels for assistance they are there to help you always!

Much love and blessings to all!

XXX Lillies Forest of Healing

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