Healing Sessions Offered – Take note All healing come with protection of all negativity for 24 hours to allow energies to integrate into your being. I also Transmute all stale energies that no longer serve your highest good this is at no additional charge.

Reiki Healing – This healing can be for health issue, relationship issue, situations with work or lawsuits ect. I will help guide you with what we think will benefit your current situation.

Twin Flame Relationship Healing – With this healing I work directly with the twin flame red cord attachment where you and your twin are connected from the high heart space. This will assist to clear out old patterns and bring a healing with in your union.

Chakra Balance and Cleansing – With chakra balance and cleansing I will connect energetically to your energy centers to see what chakra is not balanced or blocked and work to remove these blockages and re balance and align. I work directly with AA Metatron, as well as my higher self and your higher self. This can be felt but is not painful. Once I complete this clearing I will email or connect on skype with you to let you know what work I have done and how many days your expected to purge.

I work currently with Twin Flames to get them all into union, but want to also help all others with this ascension process. As most of you know there is now another wave whom are awakening now, and will need guidance from all of us. I am here to help all in any way I can assist.

I am a Reiki Master, DNA Light Practitioner as well as 30 other modalitites to suit your needs at this crucial time in our ascension. I am and open channel with all clairs and work directly with source.


Email me for a session and pricing @ Divinehealing17@gmail.com