Current Energies

The current energies are quite intense for most of us at this time. We have just now entered the new moon stage, so set your intentions on what you really want to manifest and not on what you do not what to manifest.

We also have Mercury retrograde for the next few weeks which means many of us will have a lot of our past pains, hurts, ect resurface. This is important for us to bring up and allow these feelings, feel them to the very core of your essence, and release them all for good.

A lot of Twin Flames I work with are finding these energies to be quite intense and trying to sort it all out.

On a good note the Masculine energies are really stepping into their power and see a lot for what is really going on with in self. Some whom are not familiar with them selves or their dynamic will still notice these shifts. Some will go through these next few weeks purging hardcore and some will not have as much to purge out, but know their is sure to be a lot of this happening.

Also some will be detaching from their twin and coming fully into their power. This does not mean they are leaving the Twin dynamic it simple means they are no longer chasing, and this is the last step before twin unions. So Yay for those of you whom have made it this far. Those of us on this journey know how hard this process has been.

The feminine energies are holding on strong still and will also go through more purging however not as horrid as the weeks prior were for some of you.

Keep focus on self and healing with in yourself to get to the very place you want to. stay grounded and centered always!

Blessings to all!