Twins are Awakening

At this time I am guided to write an update on twin flames. We are almost there loves!

The masculine energy is online in so many ways. Some of you beautiful feminine souls may not know this as some masculine twins are not showing any signs of their knowing something is changing within them although there are those who are expressing to their twin something is changing within themselves and the dynamic. The change isn’t always a good feeling but ultimately it is guiding them towards themselves and union. The male twins are dropping out alot of what no longer serves their highest and greatest good bringing a lot of old baggage up for clearing! We have all been waiting for this for a long time now!
I’m sure most of you are feeling these very intense energies of the new moon and solar eclipse and guess what so are our twins! Some twins are starting to ask more question about spirituality and so many other related questions, while others are going through an intense awakening with all sorts of ascension symptoms.
For those not sure what these symptoms are please have a look on Google where you will find loads of information, but mainly we see flu like symptoms.

Those going through this awakening are now cleansing out all the negativity within themselves and preparing to be reborn to their full potential now. Be gentle and show lots of compassion and love for your twin in this time, as some have no idea what is going on within themselves, and will need or ask for your guidance. If you can assist please do, and try not to go to hard at them with TF information. Still think of baby steps because too much at once may not give the best outcome. I know we all want our unions, but we must still remain still and present in our heart space.

I want to remind you, the awakening process aisn’t very nice , it was sent to shake up your world and rebuild your very foundations to love. We will keep growing and learning with this ascension, but we have at least accepted our destiny while the masculine twins are in awe with what’s happening with themselves.
We also have some masculine twins whom are aware of this dynamic and it’s the feminine whom is not budging. I am guided to say they too have the masculine energy and very well can be holding more of that energy so this too will happen with them.
We all have both energies and one is always more dominant than the other, so please go easy and watch for any signs you see other get from your twin.
The best thing you can do during these intense times is to focus on healing for yourself as well as your twin. This is a huge part in this dynamic as I’m sure you all know!

What I have found very helpful for myself is a you tube channel names created by indigo. I’ll attach her most recent video for you.  She does great attunment/meditations to help guide with these shifts of energy.

I hope this in site helps you all in all ways!
Please contact me if you would like a more in depth reading with your own twin journey @

Sending you all so much love and blessings ❤