I’ve been working with Laurie for quite a few months now on and off via Skype and was introduced to her by a friend.

The best thing about Laurie is she makes you feel totally relaxed about your twin experience.

She has a very soft and warm nature, an after every session I leave feeling reassured that I’m on the right path despite its challenges.

For someone that wondered about this crazy connection I’ve had for 8 years it was very refreshing to meet someone who could help and identify with everything I had been battling with.

From one session after seeking various advice and help I knew that I was onto a winner confiding in Laurie.

I would fully recommend Laurie.


The sessions i had with laurie were amazing, she really helped to actually shift me out of patterns and energy cycles and move into my heart. It is more than a reading it is a push with energy clearance and awareness of what needs to be worked on, in your twin journey. She has also done some healing work for me and it was only a miracle what she did. I would highly recommend a session with Laurie to help you move forwards and out of energy cycles with your twin and move closer to harmony, she’s an angel 🙂