Twins are Awakening

At this time I am guided to write an update on twin flames. We are almost there loves!

The masculine energy is online in so many ways. Some of you beautiful feminine souls may not know this as some masculine twins are not showing any signs of their knowing something is changing within them although there are those who are expressing to their twin something is changing within themselves and the dynamic. The change isn’t always a good feeling but ultimately it is guiding them towards themselves and union. The male twins are dropping out alot of what no longer serves their highest and greatest good bringing a lot of old baggage up for clearing! We have all been waiting for this for a long time now!
I’m sure most of you are feeling these very intense energies of the new moon and solar eclipse and guess what so are our twins! Some twins are starting to ask more question about spirituality and so many other related questions, while others are going through an intense awakening with all sorts of ascension symptoms.
For those not sure what these symptoms are please have a look on Google where you will find loads of information, but mainly we see flu like symptoms.

Those going through this awakening are now cleansing out all the negativity within themselves and preparing to be reborn to their full potential now. Be gentle and show lots of compassion and love for your twin in this time, as some have no idea what is going on within themselves, and will need or ask for your guidance. If you can assist please do, and try not to go to hard at them with TF information. Still think of baby steps because too much at once may not give the best outcome. I know we all want our unions, but we must still remain still and present in our heart space.

I want to remind you, the awakening process aisn’t very nice , it was sent to shake up your world and rebuild your very foundations to love. We will keep growing and learning with this ascension, but we have at least accepted our destiny while the masculine twins are in awe with what’s happening with themselves.
We also have some masculine twins whom are aware of this dynamic and it’s the feminine whom is not budging. I am guided to say they too have the masculine energy and very well can be holding more of that energy so this too will happen with them.
We all have both energies and one is always more dominant than the other, so please go easy and watch for any signs you see other get from your twin.
The best thing you can do during these intense times is to focus on healing for yourself as well as your twin. This is a huge part in this dynamic as I’m sure you all know!

What I have found very helpful for myself is a you tube channel names created by indigo. I’ll attach her most recent video for you.  She does great attunment/meditations to help guide with these shifts of energy.

I hope this in site helps you all in all ways!
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Sending you all so much love and blessings ❤


Twin Flames Union

I am guided to write this update for all whom are in the twin flame dynamic. Most are finding them selves in the beginning stages of their union, and are having some shifts and changes that seem to be good and not so nice feelings.

Many of you may be noticing your twin being more online or open with you and now seeing this dynamic for what it truly is. Some are coming forward very fast and then backing off repeatedly. This is very normal they are starting to see, and understand more so baby steps here. It is important to stay neutral and not push them forward with to much information or back away from them when you are upset. Communication is important and will help you both to understand each other.  This can be a little tricky as the waiting for this to happen has been very trying on all. So work this the best way you can and feel guided to. Be more open and vulnerable as much as is called for you do not want to go over board now going to far with this can push them back into fear mode so neutral ground always.

For those who are questioning if this person is their twin or if you are on the right path with whom you believe is your twin. We are having a lot of mind games happening within self. We still have to work out all the bumps in the road if you will with in union. A lot of negative energies are trying to come in and attack us to prevent these unions as I’m sure a lot of you already know. This is happening mentally, emotionally, and in dream states. Keep yourself grounded and protected at all times. I want to make you all aware of this as it is not only happening to you but to all as a collective, and we all want union so I will assist as much as I can. We all still have work to do with in self to drop away our old ways and come into the new. This is something I work on daily with the energies that come in.

The key here is to stay with the full knowing of your union and moving away from all else. Stay with in the heart space at all times. If you find yourself falling out or questioning meditate or go deep with in self to get back to your full knowing and unconditional love for your twin. This is not going to be easy for many of us with this other stuff coming in at us, but we now have to push through this and stay with in knowing and our heart space. Call upon your team of guides and angels for assistance they are there to help you always!

Much love and blessings to all!

XXX Lillies Forest of Healing

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Twin Flame Energy Update

Many Twin Flames should be feeling a lot of shifts happening at this time.  Hold on tight for these changes coming in they are not easy by any means.

Anxieties may be higher than normal as well as anger and frustration twords your twin. If you are feeling that overwhelming need to cry or scream or whatever emotion do not hold back. In holding back you could potentially prolong your union. Allow the purge as it is needing to be released in order to move forward and not hold back any emotions any longer.

Communication with your twin if you can is very important at this time. Regardless of what is happening within your dynamic. If you are having any issues what so ever talking it out is very important almost a key component really. Old ways and old patterns are no longer going to work or help going forward. Allowing these old ways to collapse out is imperative with these shifts as well as very important for the twin union.

The masculine are feeling the feminine shifting for their highest good, and this is creating fear in the Masculine as they see the change within her, and no longer see the old side of her. He may be noticing the detached feelings from her as she is now standing fulling in her own power and does not need him to feel whole. This is a big step for the feminine and will create major shifting in this dynamic.

The masculine energies are about to have a major shift in the next few days and weeks. This may already be happening for some now. He may be out of reach for a bit of time, but know this is not bad its good! This means he is healing and upgrading himself and allowing these energies to assist him within as the Feminine have also had to do. I am being told now that these are very important upgrades for all of us, and we may be an emotional roller coaster, but in the end we will find the very union we have all worked so hard for.

I will be sure to update as I get more updates myself.

Much Love & Blessings to all,

Lillies Forest of Healing



Current Energies

The current energies are quite intense for most of us at this time. We have just now entered the new moon stage, so set your intentions on what you really want to manifest and not on what you do not what to manifest.

We also have Mercury retrograde for the next few weeks which means many of us will have a lot of our past pains, hurts, ect resurface. This is important for us to bring up and allow these feelings, feel them to the very core of your essence, and release them all for good.

A lot of Twin Flames I work with are finding these energies to be quite intense and trying to sort it all out.

On a good note the Masculine energies are really stepping into their power and see a lot for what is really going on with in self. Some whom are not familiar with them selves or their dynamic will still notice these shifts. Some will go through these next few weeks purging hardcore and some will not have as much to purge out, but know their is sure to be a lot of this happening.

Also some will be detaching from their twin and coming fully into their power. This does not mean they are leaving the Twin dynamic it simple means they are no longer chasing, and this is the last step before twin unions. So Yay for those of you whom have made it this far. Those of us on this journey know how hard this process has been.

The feminine energies are holding on strong still and will also go through more purging however not as horrid as the weeks prior were for some of you.

Keep focus on self and healing with in yourself to get to the very place you want to. stay grounded and centered always!

Blessings to all!